London, Sonntag, 10. September 2017 - Finding the best UK live football streaming sites can be a bit of a pain in the backside, especially when you’ve got a match on and you want to tune in fast. Fortunately we’ve got a solution for you.

Well, come to think of it, we've got plenty of solutions – 10 to be precise – and we’ve listed them down below.

live football streaming

In this article we’ve picked out the top 10 best live football streaming sites so that you can prepare yourself and never go without watching your favourite teams again.

We’ve listed the best lag free alternatives to watching football matches live online.

In the section below we’ve listed each football live stream and have provided links, a full description and a quick roundup. If you want to learn more about the ins and outs of football streaming websites, scroll down to the FAQ section.

For those of you who can't wait we have collected direct links to sites with the best free streams of all matches today:

Best 10 free Live Football Streaming sites

You may be wondering why we’ve listed a total of 10 different websites to be featured upon our best live football streaming list. When it comes down to it, it can sometimes be difficult to keep the streams running – running streams and hosting websites cost money, so when one stream doesn’t work, it’s good to have a backup. You won’t need to use all of these football streaming websites but you may find that you’ll come across 2 or 3 that you’ll be happy to alternate between.

As well as offering different stream links, each of these live football streaming sites have their own unique features, interfaces and functionality. For example, some interfaces may not be the most impressive, but they can offer faster load times and may have a lighter experience as far as ads are concerned. We think all ten of these websites deserve a mention, so if you’d like to stream football live from your own home, this article will be a great page to bookmark for future reference.

Right, let’s get to it!


New site; fresh layout

This site is by far the best site to watch soccer online. The selection of links is far superior than any other site we have found online and it works very well on your cell phone. Let us know what you think.

Everything in one place

Once you visit this site it is likely you will come back; this portal has both official channels and online streams to really all soccer matches happenign in. the world; the collection seems to be even bigger than what you can find on Google.


Neat user interface with live chat and support

Out of all of the websites on this list, Cricfree certainly feels like the most looked after. The shining feature of Cricfree is certainly the site-wide web chat that allows visitors to talk to each other about current and upcoming football on tv. The chat also works out as a place to get support from the site creator and admins.

After taking the great interface into consideration, it’s easy to be convinced that there must be at least some flaw hidden somewhere. For the most part though, Cricfree works perfectly. Sometimes it can be a little difficult to track down a stream, but we’ve personally had much better luck with Cricfree than with other websites.

If you’re a fan of other sports besides football then you’ll find Cricfree a great option for watching those, too. On the main football page, however, you will find a list of upcoming games and their scheduled time. If you would like to see what channels may be streaming football or other sports you can also choose to open up a stream dedicated to a variety of TV networks. This includes Sky Sports 1, 2 and 3, BT Sport, Sky Sports News and a variety of international and European channels too.

To top it all off, Cricfree has very little ad presence. As if it couldn’t get any better!


Quick links for Football, Rugby and others

VIPbox and Cricfree are worlds apart in terms of website design and overall support but if you need a quick and dirty link to the football today then VIPbox works wonders. It’s often the case that the football section of VIPbox contains roughly 3 or 4 upcoming football games and that’s it, so you’re better off using this website when you know exactly when your next game is on air.

If you are curious about ad presence, you’ll be interested to know that there are adverts but they do get picked up and blocked by an adblocker extension. Unfortunately the live stream links also get blocked by most adblockers so you’ll need to turn it off to access the streams.

VIPbox does have streams for rugby, cricket, tennis and even American football, but if you’re a fan of less popular sports this is definitely the website to bookmark. Under the ‘other’ section, VIPbox includes a variety of different categories, including wild cards like darts, badminton, volleyball, table tennis and watersports. Keep in mind that you may only find streams for those sports when live channels are covering them.

Finally, we’d like to make a point about the smooth performance of the VIPbox website. The interface isn’t that spectacular but with the lack of images and flashy graphics design the website loads much faster than many other alternatives.


Watch streams for free whilst betting

If you like to bet on matches whilst you’re watching, Unibet is potentially a good place for you. Unibet offers high quality live premiere league streaming for their customers for no fee whatsoever. There are some drawbacks however.

Unfortunately Unibet only allows bettors to watch their live streams, which means you’ll only be able to watch live football if you’ve made a bet within the last 24 hours or if you’ve got cash in your Unibet account. So whilst Unibet isn’t technically free, you can access free streaming for very little investment and this is certainly useful for those looking for an alternative betting service.

The service Unibet provides is often a lot better than the competing live football streaming websites in this article and this is because they have a much larger budget to work with. The website is high quality too and the streams work perfectly. The only downside to Unibet, besides the initial cash investment is the fact that the website doesn’t have as wide variety of matches as many other streaming websites do.

If you don’t mind missing the smaller games and are willing to pay a little upfront to access Unibets live streaming services, we think you won’t find a better alternative when it comes to website design. The Unibet site and streaming section has been created by professionals and the interface is also suitable for mobile football streaming so that you can watch content on the go. Whilst you’re watching you also have quick access to live football scores, although this is something that a lot of alternatives in this list also support.


Simple, straightforward football streams

Some of the other websites on this page that allow you to watch football online are filled with features, a variety of live channels and links to numerous alternative live streams for football on tv, but they are often a bit overcrowded. If you’re looking for a simple hub for watching a live match and you’re not too bothered about what you’re watching, so long as you’re watching something, then Sportslemons will work perfectly for you.

The interface on Sportslemons isn’t as clean as you may hope but it’s still among one of the best on this list for it’s simplicity. At the top of the web page there are a number of tabs that lead off to different sports streams, however the link we have provided above will take you straight to the main football hub.

There are quite a few adverts on Sportslemons so you may find yourself becoming frustrated at these. However, an adblocker extension for your web browser will block out any pop-up adverts and the streams will still run perfectly.

So that’s about it for Sportslemons – there really isn’t much else to say about it – it’s simple, straightforward and gets you to decent live content quickly. So long as you aren’t too interested in finding more information whilst on the site, such as stats on live football scores or details about upcoming games, you won’t be missing out on much at all.


Comprehensive football list and schedule

As you may have noticed, a lot of the live football streaming websites listed in this article include content for other sports too. Freelivesports is no different. In fact, it has live streams for a variety of sports all under one list on the home page. Fortunately with the click of a button you can filter out any content you don’t want to see, leaving you with just the upcoming football matches.

Besides giving access to links for live streams, Freelivesports is great for providing information and scheduling for upcoming games. Each match listing has a section for time, series name and teams involved. Once a match goes live, the teams section will be replaced with a clickable link to a live stream. The quality of the streams can be variable because Freelivesports often picks up different live streaming sites to host on their own website. For the most part though, the streams are of high quality and we didn’t find that there were many issues with buffering or latency.

If you’d rather be able to flick through live TV channels to see what’s on air, you are also able to pick between a number of channels from BT Sports, Sky Sports, MUTV and a variety of US based channels.

You can also visit the schedule page to see more details about upcoming games that are going to be hosted on Freelivesports. There are dozens of games each day, but like similar areas on the website, you are able to filter through matches by clicking on the sport you’d like to see in the scheduler on the right hand side of the web page.

From our experience this website also performs very well – web pages loaded quickly and streams would pop out and load within seconds. There are pop-up adverts on this page that can be intrusive at times, but these are the only ads you’ll see on the website. All in all, the website is quite light on ads when compared to other alternatives on this list and an Adblocker extension will remove ads completely from the website without disrupting the viewing experience.


Ad-heavy but works well in times of need

Livesport24 might not be your first choice for free football live streaming, simply because the number of adverts on this website outnumbers many of the alternative choices. With that being said, Livesport24 is a perfect place to head to when your favourite website isn’t working.

It’s common for websites to come offline or for them to break under heavy load but Livesport24 has been going strong for a while. The web page isn’t the prettiest but it provides links for dozens of football games every day, and at the end of the day that’s what you’ll come to the website for.

Livesport24 works well and that’s what’s important. The website scans the internet for the latest live streams so that it can provide plenty of alternatives for viewers when a stream goes down. Perhaps most importantly for those with busy lives, Livesport24 provides video links to finished matches. If you’d like to watch a match after it has ended then this is the place to do it.

Livesport24 also has a feature that we would love to see on more websites. On the right side of the web page there is a live ticker that provides up-to-date results of the latest football matches. You’ll be able to see information about the latest goals and exactly when they happened during the match. The live ticker will also provide information about who scored the goals and if any red or yellow cards are issued, this will be displayed as well.

In summary, if you can manage to deal with the intrusive adverts then Livesport24 is the perfect place to visit for the latest football matches, both live and in video format. If you would rather do without the adverts, you can always have it as a backup website when your favourite football streaming sites go offline.

Nice interface and separate highlights section

All of these websites are great for livestreaming football but there is very little choice for finding good highlight content. provides links to the latest matches so that you can watch live but it also has a seperate section for highlights for each match.

Unfortunately the highlights section isn’t always filled with content – it will usually depend on the popularity of an event. The bigger games will almost definitely have highlights available after they have gone live but smaller events may not. For example, if you head to to watch premiere league online, chances are you’ll find highlights for all of the premiere league games. Friendly showmatches or smaller local leagues aren’t likely to receive content however.

Even without highlights, still provides visitors with up-to-date stream links, all of which work fairly well. The interface is also one of the cleanest we have seen for an online football streaming site. Some websites on this list are a little too cluttered and it can make navigating a chore but the owner of definitely knows a thing or two about good web design. The center of the page is dedicated to the latest games. This section includes information on match times, nations involved, competition name and event name.

On the left side of the page a section has been dedicated to listing all of the different events the website supports. Currently supports 56 different football competitions. If you don’t want to live stream football but would rather watch another sport you will also be able to choose between basketball, American football, hockey, cycling, boxing and many more at the top of the web page.


Few ads and matches readily available

The Streamhunter website is simple, efficient and amazing for quick access to the latest football matches. If you plan to watch events live, there are a number of links for the latest matches available, but it’s with it’s videos that the website does exceptionally with.

Despite the name, Streamhunter actually does a better job with its videos. After each supported football match the website will list a video archive of the match. Not everybody can tune into their favourite matches all of the time so having a backup video archive on Streamhunter is perfect. Streamhunter also has a search box function at the top of the web page that can be used to quickly find previous matches or events. We’ve had trouble getting the search bar working in the past but when it does work it will provide visitors with additional functionality that few websites seem to have.

Even if you don’t use Streamhunter as your main stream website, you can still use it as a backup for watching any matches you may have missed. Streamhunter also has a ridiculously low ad profile – with an Adblocker extension you won’t see a single advert on the website. With Adblocker turned off you’ll notice a few pop-up ads but this is it. Usually you will see one pop-up ad during your visit and after this you will have an ad-free experience. We wouldn’t be surprised if there were other adverts hiding somewhere within the website but struggling to find any is an absolutely amazing sign for a free online football streaming service.

Streamhunter also provides access to a variety of other sports and sports can be filtered through with a drop-down box on the home page.

German sports hub with surprising English stream presence

Laola1 may be a European website but it provides all of it’s content in English and is perhaps one of the best free hubs for football on the internet. There are a variety of streams for watching matches live but there’s plenty of other content to keep you interested too.

If you plan to keep up with the world of football today and you’d like a place to watch football live then Laola1 may be your best bet. There are a variety of sections on the website for football news, highlight videos and overall happenings within the sports world. Laola1 may not have the simplest web design but it’s actually packed to the brim with features. Not only can you watch matches live but you can create your own profile and add different sports, events and teams into your own personal feed. By doing this you’ll be able to create your unique space which has content catered to you. Laola1 has the best scheduler out of all of the websites in this article too. On the schedule page you can find the dates and times for a variety of sports including football, tennis, basketball, ice hockey and more. The schedule allows you to view events up to a month ahead of time you can also filter the schedule by sport. If you’re a football fanatic it’s very easy to cut out all of the other non-football related content.

Laola1 is free but there is a premium subscription available that will give you access to more content and higher quality streams for 4.99 Euros. (just under £4) The premium subscription even allows you to watch up to four streams at the same time without any reduction in quality, so long as your internet connection can handle the bandwidth required to pull this off.


Free online streaming football list

Our final website on the list is Feed2allnow. This website features a big list with some of the most popular sports channels in the UK. At the top of the list you’ll be able to access a number of live streams that lead to live TV channels. At the time of writing Feed2allnow had access to Sky Sports 1, 2, & 3, Sky Sports News and ESPN.

Below the live TV channels is a list of upcoming football matches. The information provided for each listing isn’t quite as much as other websites mentioned in this article but you are provided with the time of each upcoming match and the two teams playing. If you’re on the hunt for a particular match it’s very easy to find it on the list.

The times for each match are based upon the website clock but you can change the time zone so that it fits in with your own local time. However, by default Feed2allnow uses the GMT +0 time zone.

At the top of the page Feed2allnow also has a variety of other sports that can be selected. When you click on one of the sports you will be lead to a new page that lists the upcoming matches for that sport in a similar fashion to the football page. The link we have provided sends you straight to the football list so you shouldn’t have any problem navigating the website.

The live streams work fairly well, although there are sometimes a couple of error messages that need to be closed down before you can get to the actual stream content. There are a few ads on Feed2allnow too so it’s not the friendliest experience but the website does it’s job well and it does it quickly.

Frequently Asked Questions

There’s a lot to consider when it comes to live streaming football matches online. We’ve created this FAQ section to help answer some of the most popular questions about it.

Q: Is Watching Live Streams Free Online Legal?

A: You won’t get in trouble for viewing the content on these websites, the but the website owners might. Watching live streams is a legal grey area that’s often hard for the viewer to determine. For the most part, if a user is accessing content on a website like those above, they are accessing copyrighted material online. However, no live stream viewer in the UK has ever been fined or prosecuted. The websites can, however, be taken down. Fortunately Loala1.TV and Unibet both offer free streaming without breaking any laws so their content will remain online indefinitely.

Q: Are All of the Live Streams Free?

Nine of the ten streaming websites on this list are free without any clauses. Loala1.TV is slightly different, however. Loala1.TV is free but there is an optional premium subscription that gives viewers extra features. Unibet also provides free streams, but it has a pay-wall – it only offers free streams to bettors that have funds in their online wallet.

Q: Can I Watch Live Streams on My Smartphone with these Websites?

The Majority of these streams will work on your Android and iOS smartphone or tablet. Some websites may not display properly on a mobile device but the streams will play without issue.

Q: What About Watching Other Sports Online?

Most of these websites support other sports, too. If a website includes links to other sports, it will be mentioned in the website description above.

Q: My Favourite Live Stream Website Has Gone Offline, What Can I Do?

Due to the legality matter mentioned above, some websites can sometimes be taken down. If this happens, we’d suggest finding another stream website on this list as an alternative. In some cases, websites go down for maintenance or due to server issues. If this is the case, your favourite stream website may go back online so make sure to keep an eye on it.

Q: Can I Get Viruses From Watching Live Streams Online?

It’s possible to get viruses on many websites, including live streaming websites like those listed above. However, if you don’t click on any pop-up ads or ads within the pages and your Firewall and Anti-virus is up to date you should not have any worries.

Q: What Can I Do About Intrusive Ads On Live Stream Websites?

If you don’t want to deal with adverts, consider tring some of the ad-light websites such as Loala1.TV or Streamshunter. Alternatively if you are using the Chrome or Firefox browser you can install an Adblocker extension to block the adverts from appearing.

Q: My Live Stream is Buffering or Having Connection Problems, What Can I Do?

Close down the stream and search for an alternate link, either from the website you are already on or from another website on this list. If you’re still having problems it may be having problems with your own local internet connection.

Q: Are There any Hidden Fees for Online Streaming?

There are no hidden fees on any of these websites and they all provide streaming services so that you can watch football online for free.

Feel like betting today? Take a look at,, and

Watch Football online for free – there we have it!

Ten different football streaming websites that provide alternative portals for your favourite sport. All of these websites provide live streams for free but the majority of them also have their own unique features. If you plan to use football streams for the foreseeable future you may want to go through all of these websites until you find the one that suits you best.

With varying features and different interfaces, your favourite website will depend on exactly what kind of features you like to see. If you’d like an ad-free experience, Streamshunter and Laola1 work perfectly. We also consider Cricfree to be a great choice for it’s limited ad presence and it also has a live chat so that you can communicate with other fans. The live chat can also be used to get in touch with the site admins. If you’d rather have quick access to a list of streams without the additional clutter of additional features then you may prefer VIPbox, Freelivesports or Feed2allnow. If you want to find the highest quality streams, Loala1 and Unibet are both legitimate companies that have deals with various football providers and their live streams are often higher quality than the others on this list.

As you can see there are plenty of options but only you will be able to find the perfect experience for you. Either way, we’d recommend bookmarking this page so that you have access to more live football streaming sites just in case your favourite website goes offline. We wish you the best of luck in finding your favourite stream website and we hope that this article has helped.