How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online Free

It is about time that the WC starts. Here's the good news; you don't need an extensive cable package in the US or Europe to be watching the FIFA soccer world cup for free from home online on your laptop, ipad, table or phone.

We show you the best free ways to watch the world cup online.

You can see your national team play at the convenience of your home.

How To Watch FIFA World Cup 2018 Live Online Free

1. Free official Live Streaming Feeds trough VPN

Unlike in the US in many countries the world cup is broadcasted for free on TV. The great news is that these channels also offer their streams online in the internet which you can get to for free. However, many times you need to access the stream with an IP from the specific country though you may want to consider a VPN service as NordVPN at a small price. On Socagol we show you for each game and the fulls schedule exactly which TV channel show the games worldwide. Just remember that in the UK soccer is called football :) No need to install anything!

2. Watch in the US with cable

FoxSports - a popular sports channel from the fox network - has bought all the rights for the coverage of the competition and as always they will broadcast all games online through their apps and internet portal

free soccer world cup watching

3. VTV/CSN for Canadian citizens

In Canada all tournament games are available through VTC/CSN. Again you need to make sure you have access to a VPN to watch the games if you do not live in Canada.

4. World Cup 2018 Live Streaming trough KODI

The setup box KODI is becoming more and more popular and will allow you to do the streaming of the soccer world cup as well for free. There is not anything to download or cumbersome installation steps which is a big win.